Battling Nature’s Fury: Photographer’s Courageous Quest for Breathtaking Wave Pictures on Lake Erie

When most individuals perceive a storm approaching, they take safety inside their houses. Trevor Pottelberg, on the other hand. The Ontario-based photographer specializes in landscapes, animals, and astrophotography, but she is especially fond of waves. His closeness to Lake Erie allows him to fly over anytime he hears of an incoming storm, knowing he’ll be in for an adventure.

Pottelberg had to battle with gusts reaching up to 60 miles per hour when taking these photographs. Pottelberg digs in and braces the elements by keeping his equipment low to the earth. all of this is done in the hopes of capturing the strength and beauty of the massive surges that rise from Lake Erie.

“The stronger the storm, the more eager i am to get out there and capture new artwork,” Pottelberg says. “Most people seek shelter during these storms, but I welcome the opportunity to face them head on.”

Pottelberg was able to photograph the waves throughout several storms, even while the sun was setting. The blazing orange sky and the cold blue spray make for an amazing contrast in some instances. These photographs provide a fascinating contrast with others in which the sky is painted a menacing deep blue.

While Pottelberg is aware that there is a danger involved in taking these photographs—he suffers from permanent nerve damage as a consequence of his storm-chasing—he believes it is well worth it to show people the beauty of nature. “When people see my work and thank me for braving Mother Nature’s wrath from the safety of their own home,” he admits, “that’s the greatest compliment for me.”

Photographer Trevor Pottelberg enjoys capturing Lake Erie’s beautiful waves during storms.

“The more intense the storm, the more excited I am to get out there and capture new artwork.”

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